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Benefits of Insurance Brokers NZ

Insurance is one of the most important things, but many people see it as a simple process. People make the mistake off failing to find the best rates and end up paying a lot of money in the long run for something they could have paid much less. Choosing the right insurance cover can be an uphill task since you have to go through the different options and see one that fits your needs. Many people don’t have that much time. This is why it is a good idea to get an insurance broker to help you out. What are the benefits of an insurance broker?

An insurance broker works for you and not the insurance company

Your insurance broker NZ is not tied to any specific company, or any of their products. This means they will be out looking for your best interest, and not trying to sell you a policy just because the company said they have to. They search different companies and their offerings to find the best deal for you. A broker will take a thorough look at your personal needs and recommend the best insurance cover based on your situation. They are in a good position to find a good deal for you from the different offerings, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.


Insurance brokers NZ have over the years worked with different clients and are able to provide you with the best option because they know what to look out for. They also learn from clients they have worked with in the past, giving them enough experience to find an insurance that will fit your needs. They have also dealt with clients dealing with losses and can guide you through the confusing process of claims, answering any questions you might be having.

Full disclosure on commission and their effect on your insurance

Insurance brokers NZ are required to disclose the commission rate and the effect it will have on your insurance premiums. Broker compensation will be included in the premium payments you make and they will provide you with statements that will show you how much commission your broker will be getting from your premium payment. This will help give you an informed decision when making your choice.

Brokers are also required to fully disclose their financial links with given companies that could be seen as a conflict of interest. They should provide you with all information that will help you when making your choice.

Saves time

Finding the right insurance brokers NZ can be time-consuming because you have to look at the different companies providing different products, making it hard to go through all of them. Insurance brokers work on it full time and have the luxury of going through the different options and filtering down the options. You may spend a lot of time doing it on your own and later end up getting what you were not looking for.

Insurance brokers NZ will go a long way to help you with all your insurance needs.